woman-jigsaw-bwWhy come to Align HR Consulting?

  • Innovative business model with customised service focus
  • Boutique, modern, funky, corporate approach
  • Client centric consultancy that listens and understands client needs
  • Integrates solutions into organisational goals
  • Adopts an integrated business approach that seeks alignment to organisational objectives
  • Creates 'value-add' for organisations to ensure present and future needs are met

The following provides a snapshot of the integral elements that define Align HR's business philosophy and framework. The following elements are also used when providing consulting services:

  • Capability Alignment Structure
  • Talent Management Framework
  • 70 – 20 – 10 People Development Model
  • Training Continuum
  • Empowerment Philosophy
  • Organisational Capability Structure

Capability Alignment Model

The above diagram illustrates Align HR's integrated people capability model approach. All businesses need to attract, retain and grow its people and each business has a culture and organisational philosophy that needs to be understood before any people and training solutions are established and aligned to impact on a business at any level.