About Us

Align HR Consulting is a talent management company that focuses on aligning people capability solutions to organisational goals.

The ability to ensure organisations attract, retain and grow talent in the way they select and recruit; train and develop as well as performance manage, reward manage and career manage their businesses will determine their ability to keep talent as well as ensure continual business growth and innovation.

The range of services offered by Align HR Consulting help organisations maximise people productivity and continuous improvement.

Business needs in terms of people capability now and in the future are essential. Align HR Consulting focus on helping organisations - plan, execute and evaluate to ensure their people are challenged, happy, competent, knowledgeable and trained and therefore, highly engaged in the workplace.

Maintaining people talent through strategic frameworks and initiatives at international, national or local business levels is where Align HR Consulting can help. Our role is to work with organisations to identify needs and customise people and training solutions that integrate into the current and future business objectives and strategic direction in the immediate to long term.

The primary focus of Align HR Consulting is to work with businesses to help identify, design, solve or change talent management practices to enhance people capability, succession planning, as well as performance management practices and employee engagement levels.

We focus on aligning people and training solutions to business success by providing a range of boutique services and products that will lift the client’s business to the next level in terms of people capability and talent management and development.