Skilled practitioners who listen to clients to clarify and identify talent management needs.

Align HR Consulting provide a range of extensive services targeting Board/HR Governance; Senior Leadership; and Operational Management levels. The following services focus on attracting, retaining, growing and evaluating people and performance to identify gaps and provide recommendations to ensure business growth and sustainability.

Align HR's: Governance ~ Leadership Team ~ Management service offerings

Attract - Talent

  • Employee Value Proposition (EVP) – work with organizations to determine how best to attract talent and ensure the strengths of the company are aligned to what people want from desirable employers
  • Psychometric Testing – provide a range of tests to help determine best culture fit
  • Mentoring Programme – design in-house mentor programmes
  • Induction – review and build an effective induction programme for new employees to ensure effective transition into the workplace
  • Attraction strategy and solutions.

Retain & Grow - Talent & People Capability

  • Leadership Development -  developing leadership competencies and framework as well as training matrix at all leadership levels
  • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) – comprehensive TNA process to ensure the right training programmes are developed to enhance people capability
  • Training Design – design and develop customized training programmes at all levels within an organization
  • 70 – 20 – 10 People Development Model – customize the holistic people development model into an organization's documentation and practices
  • Training Curriculum – develop and integrate into the business and capability framework
  • People Capability Framework & Planning – work with organizations to determine their immediate and future capability needs and develop an action plan to embed and implement into the organization
  • Performance Management – review performance management strategy, performance appraisal system and processes, develop resources and ensure best practice
  • Talent Management – review talent management strategy, systems and processes, develop resources and ensure best practice
  • Succession Management - review succession plan strategy, systems and processes, develop resources and ensure best practice
  • HR Strategy and Solutions – provide independent and robust service to clients based on comprehensive investigation using performance and evidence based research and analysis.

Evaluation - Talent, People & Culture

  • Off Boarding / Exiting Service – online exiting questionnaire, telephone interviews, provide comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Culture Climate and Employee Engagement Analysis – online surveys, provide comprehensive analysis and reporting
  • Talent Management Risk Analysis and Talent Bench Strength Assessment - identifying, analysing and assessing talent through extensive evaluation measures to determine talent pipeline and risk areas at all levels of the organisation
  • HR & People Alignment Audit & Assessment – PE2 is Align HR's very own comprehensive Human Capital audit review process. PE2 is an academically robust analysis of an organisation's HR policies, frameworks, procedures, documentation, systems and infrastructure. The audit process also reviews the organisation's ability to execute and implement their policy and frameworks effectively as well as how the business measures and monitors performance and reporting functionality
  • Training Evaluation – review of the impact and effectiveness of in-house training programmes. Also provide recommendations to enhance transferability of skills and knowledge to behavioural change back in the workplace.

Align HR have developed 'Information Sheets' on the above consulting services - outlining the Align HR's Way. Each service is customised to clients organisational strategy and integrated systems to achieve the agreed outcomes. Through a consultation process, our academically robust research methodology and analysis approach is explained to ensure best practices are achieved.


Product Services



Align HR Consulting Needs Analysis Approach

The following strategic needs analysis cycle will be used:

The needs analysis is the foundation of good practice in all people and training solutions activity in any business organisation.

The key to continuous improvement is to find the performance gap - the difference between what employees are able to achieve now and what is required for them to deal with changing circumstances within their organisation.

The strategic needs analysis cycle lies at the core of all of all change. Following the cycle means that we can ensure that all our people and training solutions meets organisational needs and results can be measured. The company will carry out needs assessment work to ensure that the services delivered will meet the needs and aspirations of the existing business framework.

Once a needs analysis has been carried out and the performance need identified, measurable objectives can be developed. These are clear descriptions of what is required and needed to achieve the desired outcomes.

The evaluation process is critical in measuring the desired behaviour change in the people or training solution agreed.

PE2 Human Capital – Audit Framework

PE2 is a human capital quality audit process – that looks at companies human capital assets in three critical areas – strategic and business planning, implementation and operational execution as well as performance and reporting evaluation (PE2). Align HR Consulting uses an academically robust triangulation research methodology approach. The audit process investigates and assesses a company's ability to integrate people and business practices as well as its focus and investment in people. The triangulation methodology uses:

  • semi-structured staff interviews and focus group
  • documentation review and analysis
  • online survey (randomly selected cross section of employees)

Our Human Capital Audit is an in-depth process that provides methodical analysis to companies HR policies, procedures, documentation, systems and infrastructure.

The following areas are reviewed through the triangulation of data collection and analysis by trained consultants:

People Planning

  • Business strategy and policy
  • People & Performance strategy alignment
    • Recruitment & Selection
    • People Capability Framework
    • Succession and career planning
    • Talent pool management
    • Evaluation tools
    • Values
  • Training and Development strategy alignment
    • Training Matrix
    • Training curriculum
  • People Management & Leadership strategy alignment
    • Leadership capability planning
    • Leadership framework and pathway

People Execution

  • Management Execution
    • Reporting functionality and capability
    • Succession planning
    • People development
  • Training and Development
    • Training objectives and outputs
    • TNA
  • Performance Management
    • Performance appraisal process
    • Reward and recognition practice
  • Leadership, Innovation & Empowerment
    • Staff decision-making involvement
    • Internal promotion and succession planning in action
    • Are the values being practised

People Evaluation

  • Performance Measurement
    • Measurable objectives
    • Alignment to business strategy
  • Productivity & Improvement
    • Impact and reporting outcomes.


  • Identify strengths and weaknesses across the three critical areas:
    • Planning
    • Execution
    • Evaluation
  • Pinpoint specific areas and issues that require improvement
  • Recommend best practice solutions that align to business strategy and objectives

Align HR Way

  • Agree on any specific requirements and deliverables
  • Carry out triangulation methodology
  • Presentation & Report

Align HR Consulting will identify any gaps through the assessment process in the above three categories, in comparison to best practice standards. The final audit report will include solutions to all performance gaps that best align to the Company's business integration system.