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Human Capital Strategy

The five fundamental elements of human capital management are to attract, retain, motivate, develop and reward talents. To successfully harness and capitalize on these elements, one must truly master the understanding of what drives employee behaviors in the workplace and in the ever changing dynamic business environment.

At Carrots Consulting, we recognize that each individual client organization is unique and has differing needs and requirements. We believe that the key to successful conceptualization and implementation of a people-pay-performance strategy is customization. At Carrots Consulting, we invest valuable time and effort to explore the dynamics of employee behavior at both the group and individual level before responding with an appropriate package of incentives that will appeal to the demands of the various employee groups. We create performance drivers with strong links to shareholder value creation. We adopt a total reward approach that brings together the right mix of incentives and programs ("carrots") to drive performance that aligns with our clients business objectives.

How we dice our carrots

Individual Growth
Investing in a valuable workforce through development and training is a key strategy for maintaining competitiveness in the face of increasingly stiff global competition. The opportunity to grow and develop within an organization is an important element in the total reward experience and an added incentive for each employee from a long-term career enhancement perspective.

Compelling Future
Building a compelling future for your employee serves as an effective retention incentive. This can be achieved through creating a positive company brand image and reputation among industry peers. Further empower management employees through share-based compensation plans which give them an ownership stake. This encourages a motivated and forward looking management team that will drive the company’s growth and success.

Total Pay
A total pay strategy includes guaranteed pay, short-term incentives, long-term incentives, benefits and perquisites as well as recognition and celebration programs. A competitive total pay package is essential for attracting, retaining and motivating talents.

Positive Workplace
A positive work environment is an important element for energizing human capital. An organization that is people-focused and has a strong emphasis on open communications can help the flow of ideas, team support and constructive growth for the individual and the company. A workplace that emanates positive energy among colleagues and peers is one that delivers high quality of work and positive results.