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Value-added Compensation Data Service


- Provide due diligence of job matches to enhance survey data quality 

- Monitor market competitiveness with key market gaps analysis & insights 

- Facilitate preparation and/or presentation of year-end compensation review and bonus proposal to Remuneration Committee/Senior Management

Our Niche


 - Strong financial industry knowledge


- In-depth understanding of market compensation surveys of the financial industry


 - Reasonable pricing strategy


What We Could Do

- Understand your needs…

- Provide tailor-made reporting formats for business and Human Resources interpretation



Value-added-Compensation-Data-Service 2

Value-added-Compensation-Data-Service 3

Value-added-Compensation-Data-Service 5

Value-added-Compensation-Data-Service 4

Should you want more printer friendly version,  Please download hereValue-added Compensation Data Service.

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