If change is the new constant, then …. Continuous DEVELOPMENT holds the solution
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Non Executive Director of Talent Owl and head coach for the Align SMA business. He has 20+ years executive coaching experience, numerous qualifications including a PhD. Steve has written books and delivered keynotes at a range of international conferences and events. He provides coaching from Chairman level to CEO level in MNCs and Permanent Secretary to CE-level and Senior Director level coachees in the ministries and statutory boards. Steve was founder of Steve Morris Associates (SMA) in 1998, and since early 2012 has become part of the Align HR Group, now known as Align HR – SMA Pte Ltd. Steve Morris has coached over 3,000 leaders in Singapore and continues to be a leader in executive coaching and team and leadership development.


Non Executive Director and Chairman of Talent Owl. He is also CEO of Carrots Consulting Group, a leading provider in executive compensation consulting based in Singapore, established since 2000. He has 20 years of experience in human resource consulting, of which he has been in Singapore for more than 16 years and is well versed with human resource practices in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region. Johan has further worked with some of Singapore’s largest companies advising on strategic HR issues.


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