Meaningful technology INTEGRATION focuses on the learning task and not the technology
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Our Services

Consulting Services

Partner with clients to develop learning strategy aligned to organisational goals in the short to long term

Content Design

Partner with clients to create content and design it in a format that best meets the organizational, team and individual needs


Partner with clients to provide a variety of delivery platforms to ensure the most cost effective and efficient learning and delivery mode is developed

Our Products

Talent Owl Pte Ltd is an e-HR Solutions company that takes HR structures and processes to another level of efficiency and effectiveness. The following six product domains will dramatically enhance individual, team and organisational performance. Talent Owl is owned by a Group of Human Capital Consulting companies that focus on HR, OD, and Leadership capability enhancement through their People Tree platform of services and products. Talent Owl is partnering with the consulting businesses to shift to HR solution based products.

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Learning is the foundation to growth and success, as it is learning that shapes behaviours based on new knowledge and developing new skills. We partner with clients to develop e-courses that align to capability and competencies expected of each organisation. This can be specific to individual development needs.

  • e-Courses (customised)
  • e-Courses (from our Library of extensive e-self paced and e-facilitation courses)

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Coaching essentially means… leading meaningful conversations which enable people to achieve their full potential and to succeed towards a common goal through a collaborative working relationship. This allows individuals and teams to grow and develop competencies and capabilities to be more effective professionally and personally. Furthermore:

  1. Allows team members to better use their skills and realize their potential
  2. Builds and enhances performance capability
  3. Ensures team cohesion and consistency in quality
  4. Helps line managers to more effectively delegate
  5. Helps line managers to save time and effort by not having to deal with avoidable errors and omissions

  • e-Coaching - through e-Portal
  • e-Coaching Management System – to capture coaching process and administer and track progress (Organisations only)
  • e-Coaching Book (including Coaching models and assessments, as well as 250 tips and individual development plan)

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Developing people to be more effective is a critical success factor for any organisation. Development of the outer and inner leader is an holistic development approach to elevate leaders to the next level. We develop individuals, teams and organisations

  • e-Glorious Leadership (developing individual leaders)
  • e-Glorious Teams (developing high performing teams)
  • e-Glorious Organization (Transformation: The Boy Who Climbed the Mountain & 10 Stages of Growth)
  • e-Glorious Living (Personal and family growth)
  • e-Action Learning Plan Toolkit
  • e-Employee Engagement Toolkit
  • e-Assessments (we have a range of e-assessments to help guide the learning process, ie., 360 Degree, COACH, TEAMS, Engagement Survey, etc)

e talenticon

Talent Management relates to how best to ‘attract, retain and grow’ talent to build capability. We have developed a range of e-talent toolkits to enhance HR capability and streamline structures, processes and practices. Our toolkits help enhance HR capability, management execution, and organisational effectiveness. All our e-toolkits will help with framework structure, policy and processes, as well as step by step tasks in line with best practice. This will enhance strategic and operational performance outcomes; and streamline talent management functions to enable HR to be more of a business partner to the organization.

  • e-Talent Management Toolkit (includes diagnostic review process)
  • e-Selection & Recruitment Toolkit
  • e-Learning & Development Toolkit
  • e-Career Management Toolkit
  • e-Succession Management Toolkit
  • e-Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • e-Competency Framework Toolkit


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Performance Management is at all levels of the organisation. KPIs and Competency assessment as well as development needs help shape outputs to ensure organisation change and growth. Performance appraisals are critical annual reviews that ensure the mutual needs of the employee and employer are met. Having this review allows supervisors to promote clarity of expectations and honesty of actions that build supervisor-direct report relationship. An effective performance appraisal is thus an important lever for building up employees and strengthening overall job performance.

  • e-Align & Perform (SF)
  • e-Performance Management Toolkit (Senior Management – based on Balanced Scorecard design)
  • e-Performance Appraisal Toolkit (Broad-based Employees – based on goal cascading and competency review)


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It is vital for a company to constantly evaluate and review their total pay structure to keep abreast with an increasingly sophisticated talent market and ever changing business landscape. We believe that to maximise value and drive performance, it is important to remunerate employees based on their skill sets, abilities, contributions and results-based performance. We recommend a total pay strategy that incorporates an ideal mix of guaranteed cash, short-term incentives, long-term incentives and benefits and perquisites. Developing a detailed understanding of the extrinsic motivational factors for each employee group and identifying their different ‘lines of sight’, is the key to creating a total pay structure that merges the interests of employees, employers and shareholders.


  • Total Rewards Toolkit
  • Grading Structure Toolkit
  • Salary Structure Toolkit
  • Allowance Structure Toolkit
  • STI Toolkit- Target Bonus
  • STI Toolkit- Profit Share
  • MTI Toolkit- Value Creation
  • LTI Toolkit- Plan Type
  • LTI Toolkit- ESOP
  • LTI Toolkit- SAR
  • LTI Toolkit- SGP
  • Flex Benefits Toolkit


Talent Owl is an agency that creates, integrate and develop immersive e-HR solutions. Attracting, developing and retaining the right talents is key to our business success. If you think you have what it takes and interested to join our happening team, then drop us your CV and tell us why you are the one we should meet up for a chat.