Our short to long term strategic leadership development approach is based around an integrated learning platform which focuses on building blocks of learning. Our approach, based on knowing our clients who have busy senior leaders and managers, is to include a mix of face to face as well as e-learning modes of delivery. All this is built around a leadership knowledge hub (client intranet, i.e. SharePoint) to ensure a resource hub and portal is available and IP is retained and expanded to promote knowledge sharing. We suggest, initially a series of customised modules/workshops. Over time, focus more on seminar and discussion based forums to engage with key stakeholders to ensure capacity building and applied learning and implementation. This allows for more focus on strategic solutioning, driving productivity, efficiency, and optimisation to ensure continuous improvement.

integrated leadership framework

Strategic Leadership Learning Hub – Integrated Portal (Client intranet)
  • Exclusive to participants of the Leadership Development Programme and delegated authority
  • Access to learning material, readings and shared resources for programme
    • Slides, video clips, activities, case scenarios, readings, module workbooks, etc.
  • Becomes client IP and Shared Leadership Learning Hub to build capability and capacity

Skills Development Workshops (short term) & Seminar & Discussion Forums (long term)

Short Term - Identify key workshop themes for delivery (based on profiling tool and/or 360 reports)

  • Customised around client values and leadership competencies
  • Leadership capability gaps and group needs going forward

Longer Term - Focus more on seminars and discussion forums rather than workshops:

  • Focus more on transformation, discussion & debate, strategy to action (implementation)
  • Continuous Improvement focus with measurement and ROI

  • One on One Coaching – personal and professional growth and change
  • Team / Peer Coaching – team capability development, reflection, and action

Action Learning Project (based on client challenge or opportunity, or threat, etc.)
  • Organisational Action Learning Project – cascaded and implemented
  • Plan, implement, monitor and evaluate (using the OGSM Model)

e-Learning Newsletter

Monthly – Pulse Learning e-newsletter for participants from Align HR

  • Used as an on-going leadership development learning and reflection platform
  • Other valuable articles, website links, video clips (ie., Harvard Business Review, 5min clips on latest theory)
  • Shared resources, examples, methodologies and templates.
  • Building knowledge, motivating, prompting, engaging, reflecting