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Total Performance Management
Performance Measurement
Implementing an effective performance measurement system can vastly raise company and individual performance levels. This can be achieved through aligning a set of carefully selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to shareholder value creation. Typically scorecards are constructed as the foundation for measuring performance at both the corporate, divisional and business unit levels.

At Carrots Consulting, we have both the expertise and the experience to evaluate and design the most appropriate performance measurement system for a client using the latest scorecard building and performance 'dashboard' techniques, incorporating strategic KPIs that will promote more effective performance throughout the organization.

Performance Management
A successful performance management system ensures that corporate goals are cascaded down to the individual level and translated into desired results in an efficient and effective manner. This process combined with strong communication forms the basis of performance management at the individual employee level.

Performance planning presets individual goals for the coming performance cycle which are aligned to corporate, divisional and business unit objectives.

Performance measures, weights and performance standards are established and used to evaluate results at the end of the performance cycle. It is important that individual performance goals be aligned with a suitably designed performance measurement system at the corporate, divisional and business unit level for maximum effectiveness.

Performance review and coaching occurs midway through the performance cycle and allows observation and feedback on performance progress to date. Further motivation is provided through coaching, mentoring, team effort and open communication.

Performance assessment takes place at the end of the performance cycle through a systematic performance appraisal and rating process. When individual performance meets and exceeds pre-established performance goals, rewards and recognition are delivered to employees for their achievements.

At Carrots Consulting, we have designed performance measurement and management systems for many of our clients. We understand the relationship between an organisation and its employees and we know what it entails to manage the execution of an organization's strategy. We believe that an effective performance measurement and management system is key to the success of every organization.







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