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Total Talent Management

Total talent management is crucial for managerial and leadership renewal. Organizations need to plan and prepare talent to assume key management positions to ensure stability of management and leadership in the long run. If this need is disregarded, key positions may end up being filled by unsuitable or unprepared individuals, which poses risks to the organization.

Succession planning helps to secure the flow of managers and leaders in an organization. With supporting career development and career management programs which invest in the individual growth of key talents, the baton of leadership can be securely passed from one generation to another.

From a company's perspective, this provides a retained pool of talented employees led by strong and stable leadership. From an employee's perspective, this provides a conducive environment filled with opportunity for growth and development. For long-term survival and success, organizations need to constantly reinvent their career development and management systems to attract, retain and develop a talent pipeline.

Carrots Consulting understands the mechanics of this relay race, where the survival of an organization depends largely on the smooth transition from leader to leader and talent to talent. We design and implement total talent management solutions to ensure that companies build strong and sustainable managerial and leadership inventories.


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